Monday, July 23, 2018

Creating A G-mail Account And Signing In To Blogger

Setting up a blogger website
Creating Google Plus Account

After completion of your gmail (e-mail) account on Google, you need to create a Google plus (G+ profile) and that will merge with your gmail id.
Creating a Google Plus Profile (G+) will give you many advantages across the web and we will discuss the details about it in the upcoming posts. Let's proceed to-
How to create a blog for free of cost with Google.
It is just a simple method-Search your web browser for and you will finally get this result

Setting up a blogger website
Make Money Online
You will get a screen like this from where you can choose any of the 2 options
1)Sign in
2) Create Your Blog
Setting up a blogger website
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Then simply sign up with a new gmail account if needed or sign in  with your existing account where
you will get 2 options for signing in 
Create a Google plus profile or create a limited blogger profile

Setting up a blogger website
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You can choose any but Google plus will be better option at all and complete your profile there and sign in to and the page will look like this

Setting up a blogger website
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Now we are ready to create a new blogspot website for free.
Just click create a new blog and a pop-up window will open where you have to type your blog title and address. You can choose anything for your blog title you want for example "My New Blog", "My Cooking Recipes" or whatever you want but the address will check availability automatically because if there is another blog has been already created by someone on the web with the same address you will not get the desired address and must remember to not leave any space when you are typing the blog address.
Feel free a to ask any question if you are having any confusion or difficulty in understanding this tutorial.
Arindam Ghosal

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