Saturday, July 21, 2018

Make Money Online (Part 1)

Setting up a blogger website
Make Money Online

The best way to make money online is to create and publish a blog on the web and it is pretty easy now a days.
But earning from a blog is not so easy as we think it is. So we will discuss about the whole guideline to set up a blog from scratch part by part here under one roof.
The first thing is that we just need a Computer (Desktop/Laptop) with internet connection and that will be enough for you in the start up.

The next thing is that we have to write quality contents to attract traffic (visitors) to our blog and increase it day by day and here the problem starts for us.
What to write? How popular the content will be? Visitors will like it or not etc. and tons of question will arise.
We will go to that matter later, let's create a blog first on google's blogger platform step by step
1) Open in your internet browser like internet explorer/google chrome/mozilla firefox (I use google chrome personally)

2) Search for "gmail" and create an account there

Setting up a blogger website
Make Money Online
Here we have to click the first option of gmail to create an account and the page will look like this

Setting up a blogger website
Make Money Online
Now type username and finally it will look like ""
Also check out the availability of the username otherwise google will give some available username options there.
Create a strong password for the gmail account including letters, numbers and symbols for example"Abc$eF&hxyz#" which will be tough for others to guess.
Then we have to provide residential address, date of birth etc. to complete the whole process. But remember to check out this link of 
 "Google Support Forum" about age support regulations for all countries because it varies.
Now we need to provide the accessible mobile number for security purpose because if  we forgot the password used in the gmail account, our mobile number will help us to recover it within a minute with "OTP" (One Time Password) which will be sent to the given mobile phone number as a text message.
Now our gmail account is ready and safe and so we are eligible to start a blog online.
Readers already having a gmail account must skip these steps.
Feel free a to ask any question if you are having any confusion or difficulty in understanding this tutorial.
Arindam Ghosal