Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Creating A Test Blog And Your First Post As An Experiment

Setting up a blogger website
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Hi bloggers, I have created a test blog to show you up the step by step guide, you also need to do so to get familiar with these things, so let's proceed.
The title of this test blog is "Beginners Blogger Tutorial" and the blog address is "Beginners Blogger Tutorial" (remember the blog address availability may vary when you are creating your own blog).

Monday, July 23, 2018

Creating A G-mail Account And Signing In To Blogger

Setting up a blogger website
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After completion of your gmail (e-mail) account on Google, you need to create a Google plus (G+ profile) and that will merge with your gmail id.
Creating a Google Plus Profile (G+) will give you many advantages across the web and we will discuss the details about it in the upcoming posts. Let's proceed to-
How to create a blogger website for free of cost with Google.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Understanding The Basics About Creating A Blog On Blogspot

Setting up a blogger website
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The best way to make money online is to create and publish a blog on the web and it is pretty easy now a days.
But earning from a blog is not so easy as we think it is. So we will discuss about the whole guideline to set up a blog from scratch part by part here under one roof.
The first thing is that we just need a Computer (Desktop/Laptop) with internet connection and that will be enough for you in the start up.